RMS Council Executive Officers

Ralph McCall School Council Executive Officers

Responsibilities of Officers

Chair – will be responsible for planning the agenda for meetings, facilitating the meetings, acting as a spokesperson for the council and for generally supervising the council. The chair shall serve as the school representation to the Alberta Home and Schools Councils Association and attend area meetings as required. The chair will also attend any school division meetings as required, any public meetings pertaining to the functions of school council as required and .present the annual report to the school board.

Past Chair (ex officio) – will assist the new Chair Person in the assumption of his/her responsibilities as well as to assist in the transition. This position will have a maximum term of one year.

Vice Chair/Treasurer – will be responsible for assisting the chair and in the absence of the chair assume the duties and for keeping the financial records of the council and the Friends of Ralph McCall Society

Secretary/Communications – will be responsible for keeping accurate minutes and records of the meetings and for taking care of all correspondence and communication. The Secretary will also be responsible for ensuring the school council section of the website is up to date.

Volunteer Coordinator – will be responsible for the maintenance of a volunteer management program and the effective, efficient and equitable use of volunteers. The volunteer coordinator will assist the school in volunteer recognition.

Community Liaison – will play a liaison role between the school and the community and will be responsible for initiating and maintaining respectful and supportive relationships with the community at large and with the business community specifically for the purpose of supporting/sponsoring school events.

Co-Chairperson, Friends of Ralph McCall Society (2) – this position, in cooperation with the other co-chair, will coordinate the fundraising efforts of the Friends of Ralph McCall Society.

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