Helpful Websites




  • School Council Resource Guide (Alberta School Councils’ Association)

·      role and responsibility of school council

·      info on member roles and how meetings should be run and recorded

·      code of ethics and conduct, fundraising and accounting, insurance and liability, etc.


  • School Council Resources Manual (Alberta School Councils’ Association)

·      over 100-page document, much more comprehensive than the Guide listed above


  • Alberta School Councils’ Association Website

·      guidelines and recommendations for effective school councils

·      School Council Resource Guide link

·      Respectful Schools Online Toolkit link

·      sign-up link for ASCA new and updates

·      some info of Fundraising Associations

o   template guide for creating/amending Fundraising Association Bylaws

o   executive transition checklist

o   role descriptions, liability insurance


  • Rocky View Schools: School Council Resource Guide (2017-2018)

·      brief guide, updated yearly with service directory contacts


  • School Act: School Councils Regulation (Province of Alberta)


  • Government of Alberta: Societies

·      very basic info on societies, incorporation, bylaws, and fund-raising


  • Rocky View Schools: Best Practice Guide (April 2016)

·      small, informal tidbits of advice/recommendations from Rocky View Schools on engaging parents, retaining volunteers, etc.



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