Communication of Student Learning


Learning at Ralph McCall is diverse and engaging.  In order to best illustrate the learning that occurs, teachers use a variety of strategies to allow students to showcase their knowledge.  Communication of student learning includes: goal setting, conferences, portfolios, parent portal, as well as a summative report card in June. If you would like more information on any of this, please see the following link:


Assessment in Rocky View Schools takes on many forms through Goal Setting, Conferences, the use of Student Portfolios, as well as Report Cards.  This year, Ralph McCall is prototyping RTR (Real Time Reporting).  For the 2019/2020 school year, this means a change in reporting terms.  There will only be one hard copy report card sent home in June of this school year.

RTR uses the Parent Portal to communicate student assessment on an on-going basis.  Teachers regularly update the portal with real time results.  Real Time Reporting gives parents and students timely information, informs teacher practise to improve student learning, gives students the entire year to learn curricular outcomes, and aligns with RVS assessment and four-year plan.  If you require more information, please download the following Parent Guide:

Please have a look at the Video: “Real-Time Reporting – How to View Student Progress in the Public Portal,”  for details on how you can view you child’s progress in the portal.

To access Parent Portal, please click on this link:

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