Welcome to Ralph McCall

As an administration team, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome the Airdrie families to our community. Welcome to the 2019-2020 School year!

We are privileged to be part of a wonderful community, a place where our school families and greater community help to create a sense of belonging for all of us. Our staff are dedicated professionals who are invested in the students and the learning journeys they embark upon every year. It is of the utmost importance that we work together collectively to bring positive experiences for our learners and so we welcome you to take those journeys with us: to share in the learning and to be inspired by the work and stories your children share with you about the day or week events.

Just as we collaborate with families in our school community, we also encourage collaboration among our staff members.   Our teaching staff and support staff work closely to provide the best support for all of our students. Specialist teachers and our Child Development Advisor work with our staff to help meet the diverse needs of all students. As a whole staff, our values are summarized in the following way: Valuing all learners, we engage children in a safe and supportive environment where learning is meaningful, innovative, creative and fun.

In this way, each school year is marked by many highlights and engaging activities our concert performances, Showcase of Learning Evenings, school-based assemblies, spirit days’, and so on, are opportunities where we come together to share in the efforts of our students.  Last year we marked our 20th year as a school in this community, as we look at entering into our next year, as an administration team we are committed to live our school motto: one for all and all for one!


Ms. N Tysowski and Mrs E Kane

Your Ralph McCall Administration Team

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