Welcome to Ralph McCall

As an administration team, we welcome you to Ralph McCall School for the 2022-23 school year! We are so glad you are here! We are excited to see you and it is going to be a great year! As we settle into our school and learning spaces, we look forward to celebrating new growth and accomplishments – and of course, we will have some fun too!

Our students, staff and families have shown resilience as we have navigated these unprecedented times of uncertainty and change. Through these experiences, we have kept students’ needs integral to our work. We strive to ensure students’ academic and social emotional learning needs are met, while also creating an environment that is conducive to feeling safe and cared for, with a sense of belonging. We will continue to work collaboratively as a staff, and with our community to provide programming that focuses on our students.

We pride ourselves on forming strong relationships and connections. Students and staff need to feel connected to persevere through our dynamic work. Our teaching staff and support staff work closely together to provide the best support for all our students. Specialist teachers and our Child Development Advisor work with our staff to help meet the diverse needs of all our students. We feel it is important to work together collectively to bring positive experiences for our learners and so we welcome you to take those journeys with us: to share in the learning and to be inspired by the work and stories your children share with you about their days.

Nikki Tysowski - Principal
Sarah Morrison - Assistant Principal
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