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Communication of Student Learning:

As a school, it is our intention to keep parents informed through a variety of means: school newsletters, emails, phone calls, classroom websites, myBlueprint, etc. Important updates will be posted on the school website or sent home via email. Classroom teachers will also contact parents by email to provide them with information specific to their class.

To enhance consistency in the way Rocky View Schools communicates with parents about their child's educational journey, teachers across Rocky View Schools are working to standardize their communication practices. Here’s what you can expect:

PowerSchool Parent Portal – Attendance for K-12 students, and marks on assignments and/or comments for Gr. K – 12 students can be accessed through RVS’ PowerSchool Parent Portal.  This information can be accessed by downloading the app, PowerSchool for Parents, accessible on the Apple or Android store. It is our school's expectation that teachers update Power School every 2-3 weeks for core classes.

myBlueprint: We continue to explore the use of myBlueprint as a tool to show case student learning and growth over time. You are encouraged to view your child's online portfolio.

Google Classroom/Pages: Many grade teams and classes have utilized Google Classrooms as a way to share information home with parents or to help support families navigate and have access to online tools (ie. RazKids). The link to your child's classroom is found through the teacher's website.

Student Conferences – As part of RVS’ K-8/9 Communication of Student Learning initiative, students, their parents, and their teacher establish learning goals to be discussed at student conferences. Student progress, effort, behaviour and learning exemplars also can be discussed and showcased during these conferences.

Report Cards – As Power School is updated monthly, a final report card is only generated at the end of the school year).

Email - Under normal circumstances, email from a parent will be answered within a 24-hour timeframe within the regular school hours on instructional days.

We thank our School Council parents for their voice in helping us to generate the following message below around assessment and helpful hints!

Throughout the school year, teachers are regularly updating Parent Portal. Parent Portal is an important platform and means of communication, as teachers not only indicate a grade level indicator to communicate with parents, a child’s grade; they often also use it to share comments.

We recognize that Parent Portal has many functions and to help families navigate and learn the functionalities of it, we highly recommend accessing the Rocky View Schools Real Time Reporting tab—here you will find definitions, a parent guide, and videos to help navigate the software program and further explain the rationale.

Helpful Hints - Grade Indicators

More information regarding student learning, can be found on RockyView School's divisional website, in addition to our Handbook 2023-2024.

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