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Inclement Weather & Emergency Closure of Schools

Inclement Weather

With the unseasonably warm winter we've experienced so far, it's hard to even think about inclement weather. But this is Alberta, so parents and staff are reminded be familiar with Policy 20 – Emergency Closure of Schools and School Programs at Off-Site Facilities. It should be noted that closures are necessitated only if emergencies/disasters threaten the safety of students and staff. Each attendance area has an Inclement Weather Committee that acts as the Superintendent’s designate to make a closure decision based on information obtained by 5:30 am, with a wind chill factor of -40 degrees C initiating the discussion. During a weather event, when schools and off-site facilities remain open, parents have the responsibility of determining whether or not it is safe for their children to go to school. Once students are conveyed to school, the school will remain open until regular dismissal time. School closure announcements are aired over radio stations, TV stations, SynerVoice, Rocky View Schools’ App and social media by 6:00 am on the school day in question.

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