Welcome to Grade 2



Mrs. Cadieux

I’m Jo Cadieux and I am so excited to welcome a new group of students into Grade 2 this year! Grade 2 is such a fun year where we continue to work on our reading and writing skills, explore different places across Canada, discover more about magnets, boats, thermometers and creepy crawlies, AND learn some really hard math that your moms and dads use (don’t worry, I make it easy!) I’m also a huge fan of art so we will be doing lots of fun art this year! I can’t wait to get started! If you would like to contact me, please email me at jcadieux.

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Mrs. Cole

Welcome to my classroom - 2Co! It will be a place of exploration and wonderment! Your child, classmates, and I will be closely observing and connecting to the world around us. Every day, we will be discovering new facts and perhaps some surprises, which may lead to more questions!

This year, through experiments, engineering constructions, robots/coding, outdoor learning, and hands-on games, we will build our problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and independence. Are you ready to support your child through this extraordinary Grade 2 year?

I have been teaching since 1994. Grade 2 is my favourite place to be because that is where all the most awesome kids are - curious, playful sponges. Once the world is safe again, I will continue to try to reach my goal of travelling to 100 countries before I die. (I am currently at 71 and chasing my husband's count of 80!) My life is not complete without sushi, movies, Varagesale, and reptiles. Over the years, I have raised a chameleon, an uromastyx lizard, various types of snakes, and several species of geckos. Maybe you will meet Creamsicle the Cornsnake one day!

Visit our classroom site to learn more about us and find valuable resources -  "Mrs. Cole's Curious Grade 2s"

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Ms. Nicolls

Hello from the classroom of 2N! My name is Connie Nicolls and I am so excited to be back in Grade 2 at Ralph McCall this year. We will have a year full of fun activities, learning new skills, taking on challenges, and making friends. I love to incorporate technology and hands-on activities whenever possible to help students connect to, and take an interest in, the things we will learn this year. Should you need to reach me please reach out through email cnicolls. I can’t wait to see everyone’s smiling faces!

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Mrs. Simmonds

Welcome to 2S and welcome back to school! I am Sherri Simmonds and I am excited to be teaching Grade 2 this year!  This is my third year at Ralph McCall and find it a wonderful school to be a part of. My time outside of school is spent with my family, which include my husband, son and one pet cat who inhabits our family sofa. I am looking forward to a fabulous year! If you would like to contact me, please email me at ssimmonds .

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