Welcome to Grade 2



Mrs. Stephanie Baird

Hello 2B families!  My name is Stephanie Baird and I am so excited to introduce myself as your child's grade two teacher.  This is my second time teaching grade two and I absolutely love this grade.  There are so many fun topics to explore!Though last year was my first year teaching elementary, I have spent 10 years as an early childhood educator and have lots of experience working with children in an educational setting.  I am also a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist which is a fancy way of saying that I use recreation to find ways to remove barriers from and enhance educational pursuits.  So, if it sounds like we play a lot of games... we do!  But there is always a reason behind it. I have an open-door policy and welcome any feedback, questions or otherwise.  I can be reached at sbaird or by calling the school at 403-948-7030.


Mrs. Nancy Cole

Welcome to 2C! It is a place to explore and wonder about everything around us! We will be closely observing and connecting to the world around using problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and independence through experiments, engineering constructions, robots/coding, and hands-on games. We will also take time to find balance in our own bodies and minds, in our relationships, and with our connection to the Land around us.

I have taught since 1994 in every grade from Kindergarten to Grade 9, but Grade 2 is my favourite place to be!  Over the years, I have raised a chameleon, an uromastyx lizard, corn and garter snakes, and several species of geckos.

I am excited about the projects I have dreamed up!  Please contact me at any point in the year if you have any questions or concerns. I truly believe that if we have an open dialogue, we can be on the same page to support your child in striving for excellence this year. It will be an honour to teach your child this year.


Visit our classroom site to learn more about us and find valuable resources -  "Mrs. Cole's Curious Grade 2s"


Mr. Aaron Sutton

My name is Mr. Aaron Sutton, and I am excited to introduce myself as your child’s grade 2 teacher. I am a recent graduate of the University of Calgary and was a student teacher at Ralph McCall School last academic year, so this year I am thrilled to have my own classroom! If you have any questions or need to reach me, you can email me at asutton, or call the school at 403-948-7030.

Mrs. Sherri Simmonds

Hi 2S Families, I am excited to be teaching Grade 2 again this year at Ralph McCall.  This will be my 4th year at Ralph McCall and my 14th teaching in RockyView, I have also taught overseas as well as in the United States . Raised in Alberta, I have a B.A from Augustana, a B.Ed. from the U of A and a Post Grad Dip in Educational Research from the U of C .  I have an open door policy and encourage my students families to contact me by email ssimmonds for the quickest response.

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