Mrs. Partlow

Our names are Mrs. Sherrie Enes and Mrs. Kathy Scott. We both have many years of teaching experience and are looking forward to using this experience in Grade 4. Teaching has always been a passion for us. We have a love for learning and we hope our students will also learn to love learning as much as we do. By making our classroom a safe, fun and disciplined place for our students, we hope they will enjoy coming to our classroom and learning something new everyday. We feel that all children are different and require specific attention and affection for them to flourish. We will strive to be that for each of our students. We are educators who love each child that walks in our door and hope to give each of them not only an education, but a passion to learn. Below you will see a number of links to help you succeed in school this year.  If you would like to contact me my phone number is 403.948.7030 or you can email me at kpartlow.

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