Council Info

School Council Executive for 2018/2019

Chair - Christy Olson

Vice Chair -Jennifer Roth

Secretary - Tabitha Caron

Parent Engagement Coordinator - Chris Reyes

Community Liaison - Donna McKeown

Staff Representative - Andrew Doyle

Members at Large - Sarah Haylock-Jacobs, Devon Blower, Lisa Solie, Denny Popoff, Susan Helderweirt


Friends of RMS Society

President - Tabitha Caron

Vice-President - Sarah Haylock-Jacobs

Treasurer - Jennifer Roth

Secretary - Christy Olson

Directors - Denny Popoff, Christy Olson, Lisa Solie, Chris Reyes, Elizabeth Aguilar, Susan Helderweirt, Devon Blower


All parents of students are members of the Parent Council.  From the beginning, staff and parents expressed a wish to work as partners to ensure that the home and the school worked in close harmony.  While ultimately any final decision is the Principal's, the advice and views of parents will be listened to most carefully.  Parent Council provides an important forum to discuss, debate, and exchange views or issues associated with the school.

The Friends of Ralph McCall Society is a fundraising arm of the Parent Council.  Through these funds, we have been able to assist the school in running various activities, including in-line skating, online memberships, technology purchases and swimming lessons.


How 2017-18 Fundraised Monies Were Spent

Alien Inline Skating
Grade Team Budgets $5000
Swimming Lesson Subsidy $2055.08
Music Program $2338.04
Library Program $1257.24
Technology $3986.02
Year-End Carnival $1068.90
Art Program $1455.06
Early Literacy $2411.24
Leadership Groups $492.40
CTDS Donation $200.00

How 2016-17 Fundraised Monies Were Spent

Alien Inline Skating Residency $3860
Mathletics Software $5425
Star Literacy Licensing


Swimming Lesson Subsidy $1720
Gym / Stage Lighting $2450
Artist in Residency $1500
Kiosk Lunches / Lunch Program $825
Grade Team Allocation $5000 ($1000 per grade)
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