As a school we have modified our practice by putting in place those strategies that help students improve the quality of their work and take greater ownership in what they produce (thereby improving student learning).

When assessing for learning we want to go beyond testing (and simply determining a grade).  At RMS (and all Rocky View schools), assessment is also used as a process to help students understand criteria and receive feedback that allows them to improve the quality and depth of their learning.

Sometimes learning can be better assessed in ways other than memorization and formal pencil/paper tests.  Performance tasks include such things as demonstrations, videos, verbal explanations, podcasts powers, drama or even song creation.  Performance tasks seek to create authentic differentiated learning activities where students are able to demonstrate what they know and can do.

Because assessment for learning is a process that seeks to create depth of understanding this means parents may not see their son/daughter working through as many “traditional” graded assignments.


The Role of Effort in Assessment

As a school and staff, we have committed to separating effort marks (i.e. participation/attitude) from academic marks when calculating grades.  However, at RMS it is understood that in order for our students to be adequately prepared for future success, effort and citizenship both play an important part in any child’s education and future success and do require formal recognition and development.

As a staff, we will do our best to avoid assigning “late penalties” to students when students do not hand in their work on time.   However, if the following interventions are taken (phone calls, email, PowerSchool, homework club, tutorials, adapted programming, administrative referral) and a student still does not hand in an assignment, an incomplete, or failing grade can be warranted.  The mark awarded to an assignment is always based on its quality as opposed to the day upon which it has been submitted.

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