English Language Learners (E.L.L.)

Over the past few years Ralph McCall has seen the number of English language learner students continue to grow.  This year we have English Language Learners from countries such as Korea, Russia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Understandably, these students face significant learning challenges, and it is important that we have in place the necessary programming adaptations to ensure each of these students is successful at school.  Research indicates that “second language learners in schools take five to eight years, on average, to become as proficient in using English in an academic context as their peers for whom English is a first language.”  (ESL Guide to Implementation:  2007 Chapter 1, p. 10)

At Ralph McCall in order to meet the needs of these students we have developed and continue to develop, an approach to learning that involves adapted tests, visual supports and strategies, peer and group work, assisted technology (iPad apps that provide translation and vocabulary development, Rosetta Stone, and Raz Kids). Adapted reporting tools not only reflect academic standing but also our students’ progress in developing their use of the English language. Of course, the adaptations and the extent of these modifications are dependent on the English language skills of each student learner.

We hope to also help and encourage the parents of our E.L.L. students to actively engage in the school community, and through this website, we hope to be able to provide valuable tips, strategies and resources to the parents of these students, many of whom also struggle with their knowledge of the English language.

Please have a look at what we have to offer, and check back often.  We are constantly updating and reviewing information!

Your Learning Support Teachers are Mrs. Sherri Goodall and Ms. Taylor Heidinger.

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